About Temah HCS

A Personalized Approach to Integrated Healthcare.

Temah Healthcare Services LLC is a CARF accredited healthcare company that specializes in providing behavioral/mental healthcare services to children, adults, and older adults. We also provide medical services to our client using the integrated care model.

We assess, evaluate, and tailor the care we provide to the meet the needs of the patients.

Our philosophy is to provide quality patient-centered care with an integration of empathetic care and cultural competence. Our priority is customer satisfaction, improving quality of life by fostering recovery, and providing quality care by staying abreast with evidenced-based practices.

Our is to provide professional, individualized, culturally competent, and quality-centered healthcare to individuals with physical, mental, and/or developmental disabilities in order to foster and maintain optimal health and wellness. To provide patients care with an integration of empathetic and holistic nursing care model to enhance our clients’ well-being.

Temah Healthcare Services LLC will remain renowned for providing empathetic, therapeutic, and holistic care.

The individuals served will remain safe, and our providers will proactively respond to the needs of each individual in a manner that will help each individual attain their potentials.

T – Therapeutic, empathetic, and holistic care to promote optimal health and wellness
E – Empower individuals and promote quality of life
Extraordinary experience for each patient, families, and caregiver
M – Maintain respect and dignity and establish a good rapport with each patient and their families/caregiver
A – Actualization of each patients’ goal and satisfaction.
H – Healthcare Service Agency that remains committed to its mission, visions, goals, patients and their families/caregivers, employees, and community at large.


Compassion – Helps us to be and remain sensitive to the health needs of the patients and families cared for.
Respect – Helps us to honor each patient with dignity.
Integrity – Helps us to be consistent in what we do.
Accountability and Service – Helps us to remain committed to the patients and their families and the community we serve.
Excellence – Helps us to do our best to meet the health needs of the patients and their families/caregivers.
Empathy – Helps us to recognize, understand, and share the feeling of the patients and their families/caregivers.


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